Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between 100% solid ceramic and a ceramic coating?
Most flat irons may claim to have 100% solid ceramic plates when, in actuality, the plates are actually a metal alloy with a ceramic coating. The technologies such as negative ion and infrared only apply to solid ceramic. Instead, an iron with metal plates will easily burn, damage or dry out hair... which isn't cool. Heat spots and chipping are also very common in those irons, so be careful when shopping around.

How do I use the clipless curling wand?
There may be a bit of a learning curve when adjusting to a clipless curling wand. For the best tips and instructions on how to use your NuMe products, check out helpful video tutorials from our YouTube beauty gurus by clicking here.

What's all the rage about infrared heat?
Internal infrared heating elements within the iron dry hair safely by locking in healthy moisture. Regular heat dries from the outside in, resulting in flaking, damaged hair shafts and constant breakage.

What are the benefits of temperature control?
Everyone's hair is different; thick, fine, coarse, healthy, damaged... therefore, it's important to find your ideal temperature. With a range between 140°F to 410°F, your hair can be safe throughout any style.

What is negative ion technology?
When styling, the ceramic plates emit negative ions that neutralize the positive ions found in frizzy, damaged hair. This leaves each strand static-free, silky smooth, and on the road to health.

What is tourmaline and why is it great?
Tourmaline is a finely-crushed gemstone infused into some ceramic plates or wands. It infuses 600% more negative ions to neutralize positive ions found in dry, damaged hair, leaving your hair silky and shiny.

Is the Wet to Dry safe to use?
Yes. The iron's unique ventilation system safely releases moisture without burning or drying out hair. Always read the product's directions thoroughly before attempting to style.

Why should I wait for my styling tool to cool completely before storing it in the pouch?
Although the pouch is heat resistant, the styling tool's cord may come in contact with the heat and become damaged or present a safety risk.

Why do I need a protective guard on my counter?
Any device conducting heat may scorch, disfigure, or present a safety risk when put in direct contact with a workspace or another material. If you're concerned about whether or not your workspace can't handle the heat, check out NuMe's Classic Iron Holder or Professional Iron Holder in our Accessories section.

How do I take care of my NuMe Hair Extensions?
For more detailed information on our NuMe Hair Extensions, check out the video tutorials from our YouTube beauty gurus.

Were any animals harmed in the making of the Feather Extensions?
No way! Not a feather was plucked from a turkey, chicken, or any animal for that matter. Incredible artists designed these synthetic feathers for your cruelty-free enjoyment.

How does the warranty situation work?
First, register your tool to activate its standard warranty. Your warranty can range from 1-5 years, depending on the styling tool. Read over the warranty page carefully, as some damage is not covered in the Standard Manufacturer's Warranty. If you would like life-long coverage against any incident, you can upgrade to the NuMe VIP Extended Warranty.