Tourmaline Technology: Tourmaline is a semi-precious gem that, when finely crushed and infused into solid ceramic plates, creates a 600% increase in negative ions. This means quicker, far superior results.


100% Solid-Ceramic Plates: Although you may have heard of “ceramic plates”, most conventional irons only have a thin, ceramic skin coating the outer shell of their metal plates. Ours are 100% solid ceramic to ensure even heat distribution without the hot spots. You will instantly notice the difference.

Floating Plates: Our floating plate design guarantees full contact and even distribution between the hair and the plates. This enables incredible flexibility when attempting various styles by physically maneuvering with every tricky motion. No more jagged lines and creases.

Negative Ion Technology: Damaged, broken and static-electric hair presents a surplus of positive ions. The ceramic material releases negative ions that neutralize the positive ions, effectively restoring health and luster. Our science is proven in our technology.

Dual Voltage: Attempting to plug in electric devices of the wrong voltage is dangerous to the stylist and the surrounding electric network. With a built-in current converter, your NuMe styling tool is ready for any country, anytime.


Salon-Style Swivel Cord: For a professional or at-home stylist, it is bothersome and unsafe to be encumbered by an unruly cord. Our styling tools are equipped with a 360° swivel cord that follows your maneuvering path.


Lightweight: Lightweight tools allow more styling flexibility and lighten your traveling load.


Quick Heating: No more waiting around as your styling tool takes forever to heat up. With styling tools that take a mere six to ten seconds to fully heat, you’re ready to style.


Even-Heat Technology: Because of the iron’s 100% ceramic material, your hair will no longer undergo damage due to hot spots and plate chipping. Even styling produces professional results.


Infrared Heat Technology: This technological advancement allows your styling tool to generate a powerful output of heat while hugely reducing heat damage. Infrared makes it possible to gently seal in healthy moisture while speeding up your whole styling routine.

Temperature Control: No matter the type or condition of your hair, this feature allows you to adjust the heat setting to your exact preference. It is especially useful if your hair is very thin, extremely damaged or color treated. Products with this feature can range from 140° to 410° Fahrenheit.