Limited Manufacturer Warranty

NuMe styling tools are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and are tested for reliability. However, in the rare event of manufacturing defects NuMe offers a manufacturer's limited warranty. 

This warranty does not apply to irons showing abuse, tampering, false repair, physical damage, broken ceramic plates or to parts that are not defective as judged by us.

All purchases made through an outside vendor (not through www.numestyle.com) must be registered here to have the warranty active. You must have valid proof of purchase and the item must be purchased through an authorized vendor for the warranty to be valid. Beware of unauthorized vendors! If you want to check if a vendor is legitimate, contact us first. 

Nu●Me Extended VIP Warranty

NuMe offers a Extended VIP Warranty on all of our styling tools. The Extended VIP Warranty can be purchased in any given time on our website (even after the manufacturer warranty has expired).